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Brittany N. Snyder, MS, LMHC, CCTP
certified clinical trauma professional)

I am so excited that you are embarking on your healing journey.  With the support, encouragement, and empowerment of a counselor, you can make some deep, lasting changes.  I truly believe in the resiliency and self-healing power of humankind.  I also believe there is no "one type fits all" approach to therapy.  Each case, just like each person, is unique and deserves a collaborate and deep look into the whole self.


I have been in practice for nearly 10 years and have worked in community settings, University counseling, and private practice.  My approach is holistic in nature, which means I consider all parts of a human including and not limited to past lived experiences, traumas, interpersonal and attachment wounds, identity factors, world views, etc. Areas of expertise include trauma healing, inner-child work, insight and awareness building, mindfulness, self-compassion, meditation and inner-connectedness, and neuropsychology of lived experiences, stress and trauma.


My approach and theoretical orientation is eclectic in nature but includes Psychodynamic, Cognitive, Trauma-Informed, Attachment, and Interpersonal approaches and theories.  Common techniques used to achieve goals might include self-awareness and insight building, inner-child work including meeting unmet needs, compassion for self and others, body-emotion awareness, "rewiring" neuropathways in the brain, mindfulness, and meditation just to name a few.  I work collaboratively with my client's to develop a plan of treatment based on their own personal growth goals.



Free Consultation

- 15-minutes -

Clients can typically schedule consultation meetings within a week.  This is a quick 15 minute video call giving you an opportunity for us to meet one another, for you to ask me questions, and to see if this is a good fit for you.  This is not considered therapy at this point, but we will decide together if you would like to take the next steps and start therapy. 


Window Plant


- 1hour, 15 minutes -



An intake is your very first therapy session.  This is where we will discuss what to expect in your therapy journey. I will also gather more information related to your presenting concerns, goals, plans for treatment, and your history.  Together, we will identify what goals make the most sense as well as begin to develop an understanding of your world, beliefs, and adaptations. 

Branch in a Glass Jar




$75 individual, $90 couples/families

-Effective January 1, 2023-

(increasing to $85/$95 respectively)

30 minutes may be ideal for some clients but not all.  This option allows for more concise sessions or may be used for check-ins and maintenance sessions. 



-50 minutes-


$100 ind, $125 couples/families

-Effective January 1, 2023-

(increasing to $110/$125 respectively)

50 minute sessions are the gold standard in counseling.  This allows space and time to process while also exploring coping and other strategies in an effective way.  This option is ideal for those who are working through troublesome issues, trauma healing, self-understanding, and insight building.

Plant Hanger

Professional Consultation for Therapists

I love and value the importance of supporting one another and furthering each other's knowledge in the field. If you are wanting more guidance and support for your clinical work, I offer 30-minute consultation meetings where I can provide you with consultation or supervision as needed.  Please follow the link and schedule as a "New Client" to begin. 

-Billed at $50 per 30 minutes-


Workshops, Presentations,

& Trainings

Interested in bringing a training, presentation, or workshop to your group?  I present on many topics including mindfulness, meditation, grounding and coping strategies, trauma-informed workplace or care, neurobiology of trauma and stress, self-compassion practices, growth/positive mindset, changing patterns, etc. 

If you are interested in booking a training, workshop, or presentation, follow the link below.