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Aura is expanding!  We would love for you to join our team.  Check out the openings below.


License Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA)



Must have a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from an accredited institution and actively working towards independent licensure (LMHC) in the state of Indiana.  Must be an LMHCA with an active associate license in good standing. Must be interested in working with adults in a private practice setting. 



Aura was founded in 2021 by Brittany Snyder, LMHC after a post-pandemic world opened up the need and opportunity for offering accessible counseling to people across the state of Indiana.  Aura was also established after the recognition that inclusive treatment options were very much needed in the Hendricks County area and surrounding counties.  Since then, Aura has expanded its reach across multiple towns and counties in the state.



Aura Counseling and Wellness is continuing to grow and is currently searching for new clinicians to join the team!  Drawing from a developmental training model, Aura invites newly graduated clinicians to apply who align with the mission of Aura, are interested in pursuing private practice, and have a desire to learn under an experienced licensed clinician who will provide free supervision, mentorship, and guidance related to the process of beginning a private practice.


This is a contracted position with a focus on developing the basic skills and knowledge to run a private practice independently including:

  • development of contracts, forms and documents that meet legal and ethical requirements

  • managing billing, including self-pay and insurance

  • creating a business entity

  • filing business taxes

  • scheduling and maintaining a caseload

  • marketing, advertisement, and networking


The hours of this position will vary depending on your caseload.  You will be practicing under the license of Brittany Snyder, LMHC in which one hour of individual supervision will be provided weekly.  You will also have the ability to consult with your supervisor frequently as needed. 1 hour practice/business meetings will occur every 1-2 weeks.  You will be able to provide tele-health AND in-person sessions with the freedom to choose your work days and hours.



Your pay is based on a 70/30 percentage structure.  You will receive 70% of each billed clinical hour.  30% will return to the practice to help cover costs including use of business name and branding, electronic record keeping software, billing fees for client sessions, office space rental, and all aspects of training received by Brittany Snyder, LMHC.  

  • Payment Structure example: If you see 15 clients in one week, billed at $100 per 50-minute session, then you will make $1,050 that week before taxes. 

    • 70% of $100 = $70 per 50-minute sessio

    • $70 x 15 sessions per week= $1,050 per week

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