Client Testimonies

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Jan 3, 2020

"After just the few sessions I've had with her, I feel as if I can open up more than ever. She's super awesome, and is really helpful with coping and understanding my emotions! I definitely think that she is a knowledgeable person. I 'm excited to spend more time understanding myself with her help. I  would definitely recommend her to any person that needed guidance!"


Feb 1, 2020

"She strikes the perfect balance of providing a neutral safe place to share while gently prompting me to explore areas I wouldn't have seen as relevant without her guidance.  After every session with her I feel validated, grateful, and in a great headspace."

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Nov 19, 2020

"Brittany's fantastic! She gives me space but clearly cares and is present to help whenever/however she can. And I never feel negatively judged, which is potentially the most important thing to me."


Feb 26, 2021


 "This is my second attempt at therapy, my first was a dismal failure. I  can honestly say I got more out of my first 30 minutes with Brittany than in 9 weeks with my previous therapist. since then I have had a couple more appointments and I feel that I can really go a long way with her as my therapist."

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