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Brittany Snyder, LMHC pronouns: she/her

CEO and Therapist

BIPOC-allied, LGBTQIA+-allied, ENM-allied, Interpersonal Violence Survivor-allied

Brittany has been licensed in the state of Indiana and practicing counseling since 2012. She comes with experience working with all ages, addressing the effects of adverse lived experiences, trauma, somatic work, parts work, and healing the inner-child. She is also pursuing the journey of becoming a Somatic Experiencing clinician ( Brittany has a passion for helping people find their true potential, access their empowered self, and heal the wounds of their past so they can live a life of peace, love, and connection to self and others. Counseling is offered session by session. The length of counseling varies per client and can be determined together by you and your therapist. Counseling allows space for deeper understanding and exploration of the impact of past experiences on current level of functioning and interacting in the world. Schedule a FREE consultation to get started!


Brittany Snyder, LMHC pronouns: she/her
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